Our Ciders

Made from quality apples, each of our ciders is a unique taste of our passion and heritage.

  • American Heirloom

    American Heirloom

    Seven varieties of American heirloom apples blend to create a complex hard cider. It’s fruity yet acidic, with hints of elderflower, spice and honey with a long finish and a lot of lingering flavor complexity. 

    Golden Russet, Baldwin, Northern Spy, McIntosh, Rhode Island Greening, Winesap, and Newton Pippin grown on site at Lagoner Farms were ripened until they had achieved the desired flavor, sugar and acidity for this blend. They were then pressed and fermented shortly after harvesting to take advantage of the strong attributes each apple brings to the mix. Embark Craft Ciderworks’ American Heirloom hard cider pays tribute to hard cider’s Colonial role as the drink of choice by returning these seven heirloom apple varieties to their rightful place–in the glass.

    Awards: Silver, New World Cider - Heritage Category, The Great Lakes Cider & Perry Competition (2015)

    7.5% alc by vol

    Dry Image
  • American Hopped

    American Hopped

    Estate grown Autumn Crisp apples fermented and then dry-hopped with Cascade, Centennial, & Columbus hops that we sourced from a neighboring farm. A brillantly balanced cider with just a touch of sweetness and hop aromatics that add to the complexity of an already complex cider.

    6.4% alc by vol

    Semi-Sweet Image
  • Old Marauder

    Old Marauder

    Old Marauder combines attributes of McIntosh, Cortland, Ida Red and Jonagold apple varieties to create a hard cider that gives off crisp apple notes with a clean finish. Because it has no residual sugar, it complements a wide range of foods.

    The apples selected for this blended hard cider have been widely available in Williamson and the surrounding Wayne County, N.Y., area for decades. Old Marauder represents the agricultural history of the town where Embark Craft Ciderworks is located and where the cider makers were raised. These apples have been part of the town’s collective pride and culture for generations.

    Awards: Silver, New World Cider – Modern Category, The Great Lakes Cider & Perry Competition (2015)

    7.0% alc by vol

    Dry Image
  • The Batch

    The Batch

    The town of Williamson's own McIntosh, Empire, Ida Red & Jonagold make up the entirety of this cider. Categorized as semi-sweet with a fresh apple aroma followed by a juicy, ripe apple finish make it hard to resist reaching for another.

    5.5% alc by vol

    Semi-Sweet Image
  • Baldwin


    The Baldwin apple originated as a wild seedling on the farm of John Ball in Wilmington, Mass. around 1740.  The farm was purchased by William Butters, who transplanted the tree near his house and called the apple "Woodpecker" because the tree attracted so many of the birds. For many years, the Baldwin apple was the most popular fruit in New England and New York.

    A small hard apple remarkably free of blight and blemishes, it was prized for making hard cider. In 1934, a severe winter wiped out millions of fruit trees in New England, the Baldwin apple was the hardest hit.    

    6.2% alc by vol

    Dry Image
  • Crab Series Vol. 1

    Crab Series Vol. 1

    The first release in The Crab Series, this is a unique dry cider. It expresses flavors from three different crabapple varieties, balanced out with the sweetness of Tolman Sweet and mildness of Rome Beauty apples. It has a dark golden color and a flavor that lingers as you drink it. A nice amount of tannins and balanced acidity make this the cider makers’ drink of choice. 

    Awards: Bronze, New World Cider - Heritage Category, The Great Lakes Cider & Perry Competition (2015)

    *This is a limited release, small batch cider that will only be available for a short time.

    7.2% alc by vol

    Semi-Dry Image
  • Tart Cherry Barrel Aged

    Tart Cherry Barrel Aged

    The first cider in our Fruit and Barrel Series. This cider is a blend of American Heirloom apples that are slowly fermented and then aged on whole tart cherries grown in our orchards. A natural secondary fermentation in the neutral bourbon barrels creates a true farmhouse style cider. The combination of the heirloom apples, tart cherries, natural fermentation and neutral bourbon barrels creates a truly unique experience. Enjoy.

    6.1% alc by vol

    Semi-Dry Image
  • The Pippin

    The Pippin

    The Pippin semi-dry cider is made with Cox Orange Pippin, Newtown Pippin, Green Winter Pippin and Rome Beauty apples. The result is a hard cider with nice fruit flavors and a clean finish that make it easy to reach for a second glass. 

    The Pippin features the Cox Orange Pippin apple, a Classic English variety with complex flavors and hints of orange and mango. The Cox Orange Pippin originates from England, circa 1825. The tree was discovered as a chance seedling and has inspired apple lovers ever since. The fruit has a yellow skin with an orange-red blush and the apple is superb fresh and in pies, sauces or ciders. In our cider, Cox Orange Pippin is complemented by the Newtown Pippin, the oldest commercially grown variety to have been bred in the U.S. The variety sprang from a seed in Newtown, Long Island, around 1750 and counts George Washington and Thomas Jefferson among its early admirers.

    *This is a limited release small batch cider that will only be available for a short time.

    7.8% alc by vol

    Semi-Dry Image